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David Cargill

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David Cargill is a Los Angeles based Show Runner with expertise in overseeing writing, producing and production across  multiple television documentary and entertainment formats.

With decades of experience working in the United States and the United Kingdom, David has worked in genres including sports, history, military, science and true crime, David enjoys traveling with the field crew, polishing scripts, directing editors and collaborating with network executives.

David is originally from Scotland. His identity and culture play a positive role in shaping his collaborations. He has filmed in over 30 countries including Brazil, Ukraine, Turkey and Canada. As a team player, David is a tenacious creator with a sense of adventure and fun!

David Cargill

Featured Projects

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The Night That Didn't End
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Mastermind of Murder
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Extreme Measures
Blood Relatives
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Radio Broadcast

Eurovision Song Contest

In 2018, Cargill Gardiner Corp. of Los Angeles, through Executive Producer David Cargill, acquired the FM radio rights in the USA for the Eurovision Song Contest.

In conjunction with Spence Media, Scotland and Radio Six international, we are extremely proud to broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest from the host country’s arena each year, providing unique live commentary of this spectacular international event.

The Television and Radio audience is estimated at 120 million for the live transmission and there are around 15 different language songs each year featured in the two semi finals and the grand final. Our collaborative US Radio transmission has an estimated average audience of 300,000 listeners, far more than at least ten participating countries.

Eurovision is a wonderful celebration of culture, heritage and music creating superstars such as ABBA, Celine Dion and Maneskin.

Since our first broadcast, the US Radio Team has collaborated on Eurovision programmes from Italy, The Netherlands, Israel and Portugal. Our American Radio partner for each of these years has been WJFD 97.3 in Massachusetts.

On May 13th 2023 we were thrilled to broadcast our fifth annual Eurovision Song Contest live from ‘the home of music’ Liverpool in the United Kingdom. Loreen from Sweden won the 67th edition of the world’s most popular music show and we will travel to Malmo in May 2024.

David Cargill at Eurovision.
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